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Why You Should Book A Kitchen Renovation For The Summer

Having major work done on your house is both exciting and daunting in equal measure, which is why no homeowner is in a rush to book a renovation project, knowing how disruptive it is going to be to their lives. 

However, the best time to get a big refurbishment job is in the spring and summer, so now could be ideal to get in touch with kitchen fitters in your area if you want a new cooking space by autumn. 

The most obvious reason for the warmer months being better for renovation work is due to the fact that the weather is better. 

This means there are likely to be fewer disruptions to their work schedules due to snow, rain or wind. Bad weather can have a huge impact on projects, causing long delays and increased costs. 

It can also be very frustrating to miss deadlines, especially if you have to cook microwavable meals in your lounge and do the washing up in your bath for longer than you expected.

The warmer days also make it easier for work to get done outside, freeing up space in the house and meaning there is less dust and general mess to clean up afterwards. Dust, wood shavings, and other small debris can get into everything, so reducing this will mean you can enjoy your new kitchen fully sooner.

Another reason why summer is the best time to have a kitchen refitted is due to the longer daylight hours

By late June when it is the longest day of the year, the sun typically sets as late as 10pm, which means builders who want to get the work done quickly can stay much later than they would in the winter. 

Conversely, it can get dark around 4pm in December and January, which means they have to start packing their gear away in the mid-afternoon.