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Professional Builders and Roofers Chadwell, local services including flat roofing, tile roofing, rubber roofing, slate roofing, house extension builders, chimney repairs, garage conversion, fitted kitchens, bathrooms, electrics, plumbing, repairs and so much more.

Serving Chadwell and Shropshire, including Great Chatwell, Lynn, Orslow, Woodcote, Stockton, Moreton, Pave Lane, Bromstead Heath and all surrounding areas.

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meyrick builders and roofers near me Chadwell and Shropshire

We offer an extensive range of roofing and building services locally across Chadwell and Shropshire fully guaranteed and at great prices.

We provide a full range of flat roofing services from single ply roofing to three layer mineral systems & rubber roofing options. We can also insulate all Chadwell and Shropshire flat roofs using insulation boards from 50mm to 200mm thickness. Our three layer systems are the most cost-effective but our most preferred service is single ply. We offer a 10 yr guarantee on all three layer systems or a twenty yr guarantee on single ply roofing.

Chadwell rubber roofing is quickly becoming the go-to for Shropshire homebuyers who want to protect their most valuable investment with proper waterproofing. Meyrick’s EPDM rubber roofing is watertight material that does not crack, expand or shrink with changes in weather, UV exposure or temperature. It provides an impermeable shield from snow and rain with an average lifespan of 20 years – all guaranteed by Meyrick Chadwell roofing specialists.

We specialise in a wide range of roofing skill sets, from Chadwell flat roofing (felt and rubber), tiled roofing (from clay, concrete through to slate), cladding, soffits, guttering and fascias. We fully understand the process from start to finish and are professionally skilled at roof repairs, property repairs and repointing.

We take on jobs of all sizes from just one tile, or a repair to a chimney stack, to more general Chadwell and Shropshire roof repairs and overhauls, copings, lead flashings, rainwater goods, rendering, whatever you need we’re here to help.

Meyrick’s award-winning Chadwell house extensions combine quality & service. We’re a building company that prides itself on great customer satisfaction. With a wide range of options to help you get the size, layout and specification that’s just right for your family, Meyrick offer house extensions from budget to luxury at competitive Chadwell prices.

meyrick builders and roofers near me Chadwell and Shropshire
meyrick builders and roofers local Chadwell and Shropshire
meyrick builders and roofers near me Chadwell and Shropshire

We cover Chadwell, Shropshire and Great Chatwell, Lynn, Orslow, Woodcote, Stockton, Moreton, Pave Lane, Bromstead Heath, Outwoods, Bromstead Common and all surrounding areas. Why not get in touch to see what we can do for you.

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At Meyrick Builders & Roofers your satisfaction is our priority. We understand our client’s needs, from start to finish. We make sure that our clients are fulfilled, giving you the attention you deserve.

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Our roofing and house extension services you can transform and enhance your Chadwell house or property, making it more up to date, sophisticated and increase its longevity.

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You may look at your Chadwell or Shropshire house and think that it has started to lose it’s looks, appeal or functionality with age.  Meyrick provide you the one-stop-shop for all your roofing, building and property needs.


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Possibilities are that flat roofs will start leaking somehow or another at one factor or another, as well as when this occurs it‘s important to act quickly rather than allow the damage continue to become worse. Chadwell flat roofers have a tendency to concentrate on flat roof repair a lot of the time which is great because flat roof replacement generally often tends to be pretty costly. Flat Roofer near me Chadwell ShropshireThis implies that flat roofs are generally great for people looking to save money on flat roofs because flat roof repair is much cheaper than flat roof replacement, yet it‘s important to see to it you obtain the best person in to do flat roof replacement or flat roof repair so that you know flat roofs will not be leaking again at any time soon.

Flat Roof Repair Chadwell – Best Flat Roofing Professionals Near Me For Emergency As Well As Regular Providers In Shropshire, UK


epdm Rubber Roofing Chadwell ShropshireWhat is the best flat roof, or roof product for flat roof replacement? I have been fitting new flat roofs currently for over 30 years, I have seen practically every kind of flat roof, from being mounted on day one, to its last fatality. What is the best flat roof? Well allow’s take a look at the primary competitors, Felt v Asphalt v Fibreglass v EPDM rubber v Single ply membrane layers, allow the battle begin, click even more info for a shortcut to that roof covering, or check out the write-up overall. Felt roof – Positives – inexpensive, confirmed outcomes, fits roofs of any type of dimension– Downsides– not ideal for routine foot autumn, needs heat to install, not DIY pleasant, struggles with a inadequate reputation from older systems– More info right here Asphalt roof – Positives – Competitively valued, durable, ideal for most dimensions, long lifespan– Downsides– reasonably hefty as well as needs a solid roof structure, not versatile, not DIY pleasant– More info right here

EPDM rubber roof Chadwell

Positives– lightweight, versatile, durable, no nude flames required, can be DIY mounted– Downsides– not pretty as well as also hideous if forgotten, may reduce for many years, may not match intricate describing, can draw in inadequate installers– More info right here GRP fibreglass roof– Positives– lightweight, durable, no warm fire, stands up to criminal damage, really jointless, pretty, long lifespan, can be DIY mounted– Downsides– not really versatile, does not match big surface areas easily, slippy when new– More info right here Single ply membrane like PVC, TPO, TPE, & PIB– Positives– lightweight, versatile, enjoyable to check out, deals with slopes as well as big areas, fairly resilient, fire immune– Downsides– Costs more to install than various other flat roof systems in a residential setting, may not match routine footfall, or facility details– More info right here


Prior to we begin … Occasionally the mere reference of a flat roof sends a property owner into a spin. I‘ve had customers invest 15 times the cost of changing an old flat roof transforming it to a pitch roof to save the cost of changing it in another twenty years time. I know you desire your following roof to last forever, yet take a deep breath as well as think plainly. For how long does a flat roof last– Most modern flat roofs have a lifespan of twenty years or even more, so that implies if you were to live in a house for 60 years you would just need to replace it 2 or three times before you pass away of old age. So unless it’s for design, spending a disproportionate quantity of money on a flat roof or angled roof conversion hardly ever makes good sense.

FELT ROOF Chadwell

This kind of flat roof still has a bad reputation with some people, yet I’m mosting likely to inform you why that assumption is out of day. The majority of people have in mind the old ‘roll as well as put ’ felts of days gone by, as well as these were thin bitumen felts glued along with a warm fluid bitumen in between each layer. They had minimal internal enhancing, with some having natural hessian fibers which were prone to deteriorating. This kind of felt, in some cases known as felt paper or tar paper, would successfully dry as well as split with age or UV damage from the sunlight. 10 years was pretty much the life expectancy.


Torch on felt roofing, in situation you hadn’t guessed defines the approach of application. This kind of felt roof comes on rolls as well as is laid with the help of a really big blow torch that heats up as well as thaws the rear of the felt, thawing it onto the roof structure below. Commonly it’s applied as a 3 layer system typically consisting of a perforated padding, a 2mm padding layer, after that thick 4-5mm felt. The thickest leading layer is typically a coloured mineral coating known as a cap sheet, as well as they are available in a variety of colours, in addition to a plain felt finished with a silver solar reflective UV coating. All of these felt layers are likewise reinforced with solid polyester weave sandwiched in the middle of the felt, giving them amazing toughness. In lifespan terms, I do not know a single contractor that will not more than happy to assure 10 years, because they know it will last 20, in some cases 30+. We utilize a business that guarantees for 20 years. Not as bad as you assumed is it? Cost— Without a doubt the most inexpensive choice see our flat roof costs page. Suitability– Can be laid to any type of dimension of roof, or detail degree without problem. Has favourable development as well as contraction residential or commercial properties due to modern bitumen innovations. Not best for hefty as well as frequent foot autumn, particularly during the best climate in summer season. Damage resistance– Throughout heat heavy or reckless foot website traffic may scuff the mineral surface area. It is completely alright to stroll on if you take care as long as you do not have high heels, yet no ladders or tip ladders without security in between them as well as the roof. Repairability– Repairable by torching a new spot of felt on the top of a damaged area, yet it does look a bit patchy. , if you have the plain felt as well as solar coating it’s the most convenient to repair. . Appearance— Beauty is in the eye of the observer, yet a nice mineral coating is enjoyable to check out, absolutely prettier than a rubber roof. There’s plenty of colours to select from like environment-friendly, brownish, purple as well as grey . Installation problems– Ensure that any type of professional carries complete insurance policy to work with warm flames.


Asphalt or mastic asphalt has been around for a very long while currently, with excellent outcomes, as well as todays asphalt contains modern polymer formulations making it also much better. It’s used for all sorts of tasks such as tanking, paving, floor covering, damp proofing, as well as obviously roofing, you can see a few of the usages right here at the Mastic Asphalt Council. Asphalt can be laid on most stiff structures such as concrete, hardwood as well as metal as well as can be functioned around all sorts of details like curves, upstands, slopes as well as roof lights. Asphalt is heated up in an asphalt boiler as well as laid while still warm onto the roof, trowelled into form, as well as cools to develop a really difficult resilient roof. I‘ve seen as well as worked on numerous asphalt roofs that go to least 40+ years of ages. Cost – Roughly a 20-30% more than a Torch on roof, see our flat roof cost page Suitability – Can be laid on most roofs of all dimensions, extremely tough, yet not heavily sloped roofs or flimsy building and constructions that may bend. Does not call for a warm fire during install. Damage resistance – Very resilient, sets hard like an asphalt pavement, stands up to all sorts of misuse as well as footfall. Repairability – Easy as well as cheap to repair with a number of solutions such as fluid, torch on felt, or even laying another roof on top. I have also laid a torch on roof onto an already fixed 40 or half a century old roof as well as got another 20-30 years out of it. Appearance – I like the appearance of an asphalt roof, it’s a refined light grey matt do with tidy lines, what’s not to like. Installation problems – Asphalt is hefty, the roof construction need to be solid enough to take the weight without activity or splitting occurring. The roof needs to not deal with increasing wetness beneath as this can trigger slow increasing bubbles in the surface area known as goose eggs in the profession.


Most new residential rubber roofs are glued down to a new wood roof substratum, although they can in certain situations be laid on leading as well as mechanically taken care of or weighed down with ballast. My preference for residential roofs is a new install with new roof outdoor decking as a single ply membrane. A well mounted rubber roof, on the best roof, can last as much as 50 years. Some firms will provide a assurance for 50 years, yet this assurance varies from Chadwell installer to Shropshire installer. I always wonder about whether the firm will still be trading in 50 years or if they would honour the assurance after a couple of years have passed, so take this with a pinch of salt. Cost – Competitive, anticipate to pay 20-30% more than a torch on felt roof. Suitability – A excellent option for environment-friendly roofs, lightweight, solid as well as versatile . Does not install well into roofs with complex details, pipes, curved upstand walls, complicated gulleys or seamless gutters because it ends up being full of joints, which can look hideous as well as leak. Best for nice easy shaped roofs, no nude flames required. Damage resistance – A really resilient roof, it will withstand most forms of misuse besides hefty effect from pointed items, yet not being cut or vandalised. Repairability – It can be fixed really easily with rubber patches, a bit like a bike tire, although they are not pretty to check out. Appearance – For me, this is the achilles heel. It’s a personal point yet a big sheet of black rubber, looks much like a big sheet of black rubber to me. Naturally if it’s not noticeable from a widow, does it matter? Look for a roofing firm with excellent trading evaluations or a background of fitting various other kinds of flat roof. A big rubber roof will reduce over the years, some state up to 10%, personally I‘ve seen it at concerning 5%. A much better high quality fleece backed EPDM will withstand or quit shrinking, so if you have a big roof, this is well worth a appearance.


Fibreglass flat roofs have been used in the UK for over thirty years in small numbers, yet over the past 10 years passion in GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) fibreglass roofs have actually removed. Fostering of fibreglass roofing was prevented in the very early days by inadequate installation techniques, as well as using difficult watercraft resins rather than specialized roofing resins, which led to troubles. Now with specialized roof resins, manufacturing facility made trims as well as boosted installation knowledge this really jointless flat roof has appropriately taken its area amongst the great flat roofs available. Most fibreglass roof assurances are for 20-25 years, as well as there will be not a problem whatsoever if correctly mounted. I have personally seen as well as worked on GRP roofs that are thirty years old, where there was no noticeable sign of wear or damage besides a somewhat discolored colour layer to the coating. Cost – Depending on requirements this can cost a little more than a EPDM rubber roof, upwards. There are numerous alternatives available depending upon the last coating as well as laminate density. Suitability – Good for environment-friendly roofs, lightweight, pretty to check out, available in any type of colour, solid, really jointless, as well as will work with all sorts of complex forms. Does not in my opinion match very large roof areas that may be flimsy or endure excess development as well as contraction. No warm fire required. Damage resistance – Stands up to frequent footfall, yet can be slippy when new without the optional anti slip layer. Almost impervious to all forms of misuse consisting of blade cuts as well as criminal damage. Repairability – Repairs can be from a tiny spot to a layer bonded directly on the top, as well as almost undetectable. Appearance – Just can not be defeated for looks, all colours available for the last coating, can be cleansed with soap as well as water. Installation problems– The climate needs to be absolutely completely dry to lay a excellent fibreglass roof. A quote a lot cheaper than various other competitors may show a drop in install high quality, products or density. Little roofs can be mounted by a skilled DIYer, as a matter of fact I have a total fibreglass roofing course available on YouTube.


In short any type of roof covering that can make a flat roof waterproof in one layer, unlike roofing felt with its 3 layer system. To make complex things even more these single ply roofs can typically be rebranded by big fitting firms into a product name that no longer informs you what membrane they are actually fitting– as a made up example “Rhinocerous roof”. Firstly these membrane layers generally share some preferable qualities. They are lightweight, versatile, immune to UV as well as micro organisms, take care of extreme climate as well as temperature modifications, fire immune as well as self extinguishing, reveal excellent chemical resistance, as well as can be really environmentally friendly. This has made these types of roof incredibly popular on commercial facilities as well as with architects as you can imagine. It must be the best? Not necessarily for your typical property owner, allow’s take a glance at them in order of what I think is best to worst. PIB or PolyIsoButylene was introduced in the 1930’s as well as has the lengthiest record of all the single ply systems above. It also is 100% recyclable as well as the lifespan is common in excess or thirty years, with reports of roofs that more than 50 years old. Like all of the various other single ply membrane layers above it’s simple to install as well as resilient, it is however typically one of the most expensive choice. On the disadvantage PIB is not immune to solvents such a petrol, fats, lacquers as well as oils , yet these are not likely to be in a residential setting. You can figure out even more concerning PIB right here. PVC membrane or Polyvinyl Chloride has been around because the 1960’s, so it has a excellent proven track record. The common assurance is 25 years with a life expectations of 30 Years+, although it has been reported to last up to 50 years in the best situations. TPE or Thermoplastic Polyolefin Elastomer is the utmost environmentally friendly membrane until now, as well as is 100% recyclable. Introduced in the 1990’s it’s the newest of the number with a reported lifespan of thirty years, yet a common assurance is for 20. This membrane looks appealing, yet I do not have adequate real life comments to offer any type of reasonable unfavorable or cautionary guidance at the moment. TPO or Thermoplastic Polyolefin membrane is taken into consideration to be more environmentally friendly than PVC, yet not quite as good as TPE above. Its been around because the 1980’s, it’s simple to install as well as has a common lifespan of around twenty years, with assurances ranging from 10 to twenty years. TPO is a reasonably new roofing product, this implies it has, as well as still is, undertaking modifications in the method it is created thanks to initial troubles with sunlight damage, development wrinkles as well as shrinking. What this implies is that it is currently in it’s 3rd reformulation (as well as counting), as well as no person is 100% certain of the last lifespan of a roof mounted with TPO. If you were to sum up these four types of membrane I would state… Positives – Lightweight, versatile, enjoyable to check out, deals with slopes as well as big areas, resilient, repairable, fire immune, typically used with environment-friendly roofs. Downsides – Costs more to install than various other flat roof systems in a residential setting, variable lifespan depending upon system, may not match footfall or facility details, not DIY pleasant. Last ideas on PVC kind membrane layers. Whilst these kind of membrane layers are typically a logical option in a commercial setting, if you have lots of details like angles, gullies, or upstands , this kind of roof, similar to EPDM, all of a sudden obtain several joints in close proximity to overcome modifications in roof form, angle or depth .


As we have seen, all of these flat roofs have pros and cons whether it’s cost, appearance, toughness, suitability, flexibility or durability . There isn’t actually something as a bad option, simply a option that’s right for you. In my personal opinion for every single day residential residential or commercial properties, for me it comes down to felt, fibreglass, as well as EPDM as the primary three, with asphalt a excellent choice with a suitably solid roof, as well as single ply PVC kind membrane layers, a somewhat costly option, where there is a benefit to be had for the consumer, like appearances or fire retardancy.


To sum up the difference in between flat roofs I have put together a scoring system out of 10 for residential residential or commercial properties, 10 being the best as well as 1 the most awful. The variation in lifespan depends typically on whether the flat roof holds water, the quantity of joints as well as details , in addition to the high quality of craftsmanship.

Best flat roof replacement

Contrast flat roofs– Even though some roofs rack up reduced in certain areas, they are within a couple of points in overall scoring. No not actually, that’s just how these flat roofs came to be the leading options. What is the best flat roof, or roof product for flat roof replacement? I‘ve had customers invest 15 times the cost of changing an old flat roof transforming it to a pitch roof to save the cost of changing it in another 20 years time. My preference for residential roofs is a new install with new roof outdoor decking as a single ply membrane. Now with specialized roof resins, manufacturing facility made trims as well as boosted installation knowledge this really jointless flat roof has appropriately taken its area amongst the great flat roofs available. To make complex things even more these single ply roofs can typically be rebranded by big fitting firms into a product name that no longer informs you what membrane they are actually fitting.
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