Why August Is The Time To Fix The Roof

The old saying ‘fix the roof while the sun shines’ is a well-worn phrase, but it is all too often the case that people will wait too long to check their roof and get any necessary work done on it.

That is why August is the best time to get roofing Contractors in Wolverhampton to carry out any necessary repairs and make sure that when September comes round and autumn begins, your home is prepared for the changing seasons.

A number of things need to be checked on any roof to establish if it is ready to deal with all that autumn will throw at it.

Firstly, it is worth noting that even a small issue needs addressing. If there are small cracks now, they can widen when the weather gets colder as freeze-thaw kicks in. Similarly, a missing tile or two might seem nothing to worry about, but it is when it lets water in.

An important step for owners of sloping roofs is to check their attic space from the inside. If you can spot signs of damp such as mould and rot, that is a clear indication that there is something wrong outside. You should also clear any debris from attic vents.

You should also look to clear away any debris that might clog up drains or cover your flat roof if you have one, as there will be far more of this on the way when the leaves start falling, potentially causing blockages and water overflows.

There may have been a heatwave to contend with in July, but autumn and winter is when big storms are likely to hit, with their potential to send loose roof tiles flying and infiltrate every gap that will let in water.

Between November last year and the end of February this year there were seven named storms designated by the Met office and the next autumn and winter could be just as bad. In addition, there will be many more days of wet, windy or cold weather when you will have good reason to be glad that you really did fix the roof when the sun shone.

Most Popular Extension Styles Of 2022

Building an extension is becoming more and more popular among homeowners who want to avoid costly stamp duty fees on a bigger house or getting into the currently super-competitive buying market. 

If you’re interested in expanding your property, here are some of the most popular styles of extension for 2022. 

  • Retain similar house style

It might be tempting to add an uber-modern extension on to your home, but if you have a Victorian terrace or a 1930s semi-detached, this might look out of place. Instead, the trend is now to stay in-keeping with the original style, so it remains sympathetic to the rest of the property. 

  • Use natural materials

Thanks to the growing trend towards sustainability, homeowners are choosing to make the most of natural materials as much as possible. Homes And Gardens reports oak, brick and stone lend themselves to the “rustic look” and can really bring a garden room extension to life. 

  • Light and bright

When planning an extension, do not just consider the benefits of having more space in your home, but also being able to increase the amount of light in your living spaces. Use this as a chance to add more windows to your property, whether you opt for bi-folding doors or a skylight.

“Light is a vital consideration for extensions – and glazed doors, windows and skylights can be game-changers,” the publication states.

  • Glass side returns

If you have space to the side of the house that you normally just store garden equipment or garden bins, you are missing the opportunity to build a stylish glass side return. 

“With minimal building chaos, the kitchen is doubled in size and flooded with natural light,” Ideal Home recognises

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