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Top Tips For Finding A Competent Bathroom Fitter

If you’ve decided to have your bathroom renovated, these are no doubt exciting times. Bathrooms tend to take a lot of punishment, so they can start to look tired and worn out after a few years. However, all that’s about to change thanks to your shiny new refurb!

If you’ve decided on the bathroom you want, all that’s left is to find yourself a fitter and you can have a nice relaxing soak in your new bathroom in next to no time!

But before you jump straight in, you’ll need to find the right person for the job. While there are countless companies out there making big claims about their skills, sadly not all of them are up to the task.

So to help you find the right team for the job, here are some rules to follow when searching for bathroom fitters.

Research, Research, Research

Chances are, you’ve spent hours drawing up your perfect bathroom – the specs, the colour scheme, even the accessories you’ll be using to put the finishing touches on it.

So why spoil it all by failing to pout as much research into the company that’s going to fit it? 

The best way to research a company is to check reviews or testimonials to see what level of service they’ve provided in the past. While customers tend to only leave feedback when they’re angry, if it’s bad review after bad review then there’s a good chance you might experience the same.

So make sure you do your due diligence before you agree to any work being started as failure to do so could be a huge mistake.

Ask For Examples

Another common mistake you should avoid is hiring a bathroom fitter without first asking for some examples of similar projects. While checking feedback for the company is always a good place to start, you’ll want  to know that the fitter is experienced in completing projects like yours.

So ask for some examples of similar work and assess the quality of the work. Don’t be afraid to back out if you feel the workmanship isn’t to the standard you’re looking for.

Check Final Quote

When you come to get a quote for the work, make sure the final price covers everything. That includes the labour and any materials or subcontracting that may be required.

It’s not uncommon for some people to agree on a price, only to realise there are additional costs further down the line. So to avoid this, make sure your quote is all-inclusive before proceeding.

Here at Meyrick Builders & Roofers, we’re fully transparent with our pricing. We also have countless happy customers who are pleased with the work we’ve provided for them, so to get your dream bathroom fitted, speak to us today.