Common Signs That Your Chimney May Need Repairing

Chimneys are important to the structural integrity of your home as well as providing proper ventilation for fireplaces. If your chimney falls into disrepair it can be potentially hazardous so ensuring you are up to date on repairs is important.

There are many signs to keep an eye out for which will indicate when repairs are necessary, allowing you to keep on top of any work so your chimney stays in tip-top condition.

If you notice any cracks or damage in the brickwork, this indicates repairs are necessary. Cracks can lead to bricks breaking and coming loose, even falling out, and also allow for water to seep into the chimney which can cause further damage.

Fixing this as soon as possible will help to prevent the damage from worsening,

Another common chimney issue is a build-up of debris and soot. This is a normal part of having a chimney and can be prevented by regular cleaning. If you allow this to build up, it can cause issues with ventilation which can allow smoke and fumes to flow back into your house.

If you have an open fireplace, soot build-up can also be a fire hazard. If you are concerned about build-up, having a professional come and inspect and clean your chimney is the best choice in order to stay safe.

The top part of your chimney, the cap, prevents water, debris and small animals from entering the chimney. If this becomes damaged it can lead to a range of different issues.

If you notice the cap is damaged, missing or has become misplaced it is important to have it replaced or repaired as soon as possible.

Most chimney issues can be easily repaired if you catch them early enough and seek the help of a professional, who will be able to address the issue correctly.

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What Can You Do To Increase The Value Of Your Property?

Whether you’re looking to sell or simply want to add value to your property for the future, there are many ways you can renovate and update to increase the value of your home.

This can include anything from cosmetic work to complete renovation. Depending on the current state of your home you may have very little left to do, or a whole lot, in order to add as much value as possible to your home.

Aesthetically speaking, if a property looks nice and is in good shape, it will be worth more than one which has been allowed to become run down. A lick of paint, some minor repairs and a good clean can really boost the appeal of a property and make it more valuable.

Keeping on top of maintaining like this will help to preserve the value of your home and make it much more appealing to potential buyers if you are trying to sell up.

Having a well-kept garden is also a great way to add value. Landscaping can be costly however if properly maintained, it can help to improve the overall look and quality of a property, therefore increasing its value.

There are other, more extreme ways, to boost value. One of these is to extend the property. More space means more value. A single-story or double-story extension can add thousands to the value of your home and also give you and your family much more room to enjoy in your house

Fitting a new kitchen or bathroom will update the house and give it additional value. Adding modern gadgets such as fitted washing machines and integrated fridge freezers, as well as having a modern bathroom help to bring up the value.

Converting lofts and garages and cellars can also do this without having to add an extension. Having additional space that isn’t used is a waste, so conversion is a great way to utilise as much as possible.

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