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6 Wintertime Roof Maintenance Tips

Winter can be taxing on all of us, our homes included. You may notice extra wear and tear on your roof over the winter months. The harsh conditions can make your roof deteriorate faster than usual so ensuring you stay on top of maintenance is important to keep your roof in good condition. 

Wet weather means your roof may be more prone to leaking. Snow can also cause this so making sure your roof is properly sealed and leak-proof before the rain sets in can help prevent them before they happen. 

Heavy snow can also put additional stress on weaker spots of your roof so removing snow before it builds up may be a good idea to prevent any damage.

Similarly to pavements and roads, when water enters cracks in a roof and then freezes and expands, it can worsen existing damage so it is a good idea to have your roof checked and maintained year-round in preparation for the winter. 

High winds and storms are also prone to happen during the colder months which can cause damage to your roof. Making sure the roof is clear from debris, fixing any existing wind damage and replacing missing or broken roof tiles can help prevent leaks, mold and holes from occurring. 

Even if you take the proper precautions and maintain your roof well, you may find that the wintertime causes damage anyway. You should aim to repair this as soon as possible regardless of severity to ensure that it doesn’t worsen or cause additional issues for you. 

You may want to arrange a professional roof inspection to check for any issues and fix them. While some people may be able to perform maintenance tasks themselves, others may feel more comfortable leaving these jobs in the hands of professionals so they can have peace of mind knowing their roof is winter ready and their home is protected. 

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