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How Do You Know If An Extension Is Right For You?

Most parents will be forgiven for insisting on having a house extension in Telford as the end of the summer holidays approaches, wanting to have a larger living area so everyone in the family can have space from each other. 

But, how do you know if you really need a house extension even after the schools go back and you get your home to yourself again?

  • You need a place for work 

Since the pandemic, more people have continued to work from home. However, in order to have a good work/life balance, it is important to have a distinct space for office tasks. 

If you don’t have a study or a spare room, it could be worth having an extension so you can shut away work in the evenings. 

  • You need an extra bedroom 

Lots of children share bedrooms, but there comes a point when they want some privacy from their siblings. If your little ones are nearing their teens, you may find they want to have their own distinct space.

Having an extra bedroom put in the loft could let them have this independence, and could reduce sibling arguments in the house at the same time. 

  • You like social gatherings

Some houses have the right amount of square footage but the wrong layout. Those with properties from the turn of the 19th Century through to the 1990s, for instance, will have separate living, dining and family rooms, as well as kitchens. 

In fact, popular in 1950s interior design were room dividers, such as mirrored or glass block walls, aimed at keeping spaces separated.

However, the trend for the last couple of decades has been for open-plan spaces incorporating all these spaces into one large room. 

If you enjoy social gatherings or want to be close to your kids while cooking dinner, you might want to extend the downstairs to make a large kitchen-dining area.