Important Facts To Know Before Investing In Solar Panels

With people spending more time at home and the potential for energy bills to increase for many people, homeowners are considering the benefits and costs of installing solar panels on the roof of their homes.

Photovoltaic panels, better known simply as solar panels convert the light and heat of the sun into electricity. This electricity is then stored and either used in your home or exported to the national grid as a source of revenue.

Here are some facts you need to know before investing in solar panels.

What You Need To Start

A standard solar power system consists of between 10 and 15 photovoltaic panels, which generate an average of 275W each, and the more panels on the roof the more energy that can be generated at a time.

Typically, the average installation bill for a solar panel system is £6,000, although this cost is highly dependent on the availability of roofing experts and photovoltaic panels.

You will also need a solar battery, which stores the electricity generated.

The Best Way To Install Them

Solar panels should ideally face south, affixed to a roof with a 30-degree angle. This provides the most energy, with north-facing roofs being so inefficient as to be impractical in the UK.

For the most part, solar panels are considered to be under permitted development rights, which means that they do not need planning permission, although it is important to check with your local planning authority just in case.

You will also need to inform your Distribution Network Operator for your area that you have a solar system, and in some cases, larger systems will need to apply for permission from them.

One myth that should be debunked, however, is the idea that solar panels do not work at all on cloudy days. Whilst they only work at 25 per cent efficiency, they do still generate electricity.

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