Standout Kitchen Trends For 2022

Renovating your kitchen is one of the most exciting redecorating projects you can do in a property, but also one of the most stressful and expensive. So, make sure you don’t have to do it again for a long time by embracing the latest trends that will last years.

Herringbone floors

When considering what floor to go for, more people are opting wooden styles these days, as opposed to tiles or vinyl. Herringbone, in particular, is very popular at the moment, adding a rustic, vintage feel even to the most modern kitchens.

“It adds texture and warmth to even contemporary schemes,” Home Building stated.

Marble worktops and splashbacks

Instead of opting for wall tiles, homeowners should consider marble splashbacks instead. These exude a quality and luxuriousness that makes your kitchen look very high-end. They can also be used for worktops, tying in the design throughout the room.

Jenni Greenwood of Greenwood Interior Design told Woman And Home to partner marble with metallic finishes and dramatic veining, as these are “interesting to look at”.

Kitchen wallpaper

While homeowners typically avoided plastering wallpaper in the kitchen as the moisture in the air would cause it to peel, things have changed over the years, and they are much more durable.

Wallpaper designer Elizabeth Ockford explained: “A non-woven paper combined with good ventilation will ensure wallpaper remains in great condition.”

Clever storage solutions

The trend of the ‘invisible kitchen’ isn’t going anywhere, as homeowners love to be able to hide their appliances, pots, pans and food. That is why clever storage solutions, such as tall larder cupboards and concealing appliances and cookware behind doors will stand the test of time.

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