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The Strangest Reasons For Construction Project Issues | Meyrick

For the most part, issues with construction projects are down to either issues during the planning phase that were not caught in time or issues caused by the weather and other factors outside of the contractor’s control.

For the most part, builders will factor every possible issue into account when devising realistic timelines for longer construction projects and will ensure that people are kept updated if any issues might cause significant delays.

However, in the huge and expansive world of construction projects, you sometimes see stranger issues for delays, cancellations and other issues, and here are some of the oddest.

Sagrada Familia’s Scope Creep

The longest ongoing construction project in the world, La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona is still years away from completion and not one person who was born the day construction began is still alive today.

A lot of this comes down to scope creep, in part caused by the death of the original client and later the main architect of the project, Antoni Gaudi, who noted that his client was not in a hurry and radically increased the scale of the project.

Ryugyong Hotel’s Change In Purpose

Known somewhat ominously as the “Hotel of Doom”, the Ryugyong Hotel in Pyongyang, North Korea was designed to be the world’s tallest hotel when it was initially proposed in 1986 and had it opened on time would have achieved that goal.

Unfortunately, partway through construction, the Soviet Union collapsed, causing a financial and trade crisis that halted the project and led to major issues with the building’s design.

Even two decades later and a decade after it was claimed it would be complete and ready to open, the hotel still lays dormant as a giant monument looking for a reason to exist.

Building A Tower On Poor Foundations

Have you ever wondered why the Leaning Tower of Pisa leans in the first place?

It was built with a laughably small foundation for a building of its size and density onto dense clay earth and would have fallen over entirely had a civil war not stopped construction.

Its infamous lean has since made it a great landmark, and a monument to strange construction issues.
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