Metal Chimney On House Roof, Clean New Shiny Chimney Pipe On Blu

What Are The Signs Your Chimney Needs Repairing

Sometimes it can be obvious when a chimney is in need of repair, however, some issues can go unnoticed if you don’t know what to look out for. 

This can be especially difficult for those who have just moved house and have perhaps never lived somewhere that has an open chimney and fireplace before.

One sign you may need a chimney repair is if you can smell smoke in the house. Chimneys work by allowing the smoke and air from the fire to be drawn upwards and out of the house and if you can smell the smoke inside it is likely there is an issue.

This could be due to a buildup of soot which means the chimney would likely only need to be cleaned out, or it could indicate there are cracks in the chimney which may require more extensive repair work. Routine cleaning and checking can reduce the risk of this.

Another sign your chimney may need repair is if it is visibly not looking its best. This can be either inside or outside and includes cracking, chipping and crumbling. If you notice that the masonry has started to degrade it’s time to call in a professional and assess the damage.

This happens over time and is natural if chimneys are well used as the brick soaks up moisture, smoke and soot which can all lead it to begin degrading.

If you notice that the internal walls around your chimney are becoming discoloured or damaged it may be a sign the chimney has an unseen internal issue such as water damage or severe cracking which is causing the surrounding walls to become visibly damaged as well.

This can cause more serious issues as the chimney is often structurally central to the home so if it becomes damaged and is not fixed it can cause many other issues.

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