What To Know Before Building Your Dream House

So many people have the same dream of building a home that they can call their own.

Whilst for some this is simply about buying a house as opposed to renting, for others this dream is very much literal, and they will hire the architects, builders, roofers, specialists and every other contractor needed to make their dreams come true.

This is often the logic behind the clients in Grand Designs, but before you get to work building your dream house, here are some considerations to keep in mind.

Always Plan For A Rainy Day

The more complex and ambitious a project you attempt, the greater the chance that something could cause delays or otherwise make your construction more expensive than it otherwise would be.

Adverse weather, the results of a survey, fluctuating costs of building materials, last-minute plan changes and contingency plans for certain aspects of the dream house not initially factored in can add huge amounts to a budget, and it is essential to bear those in mind to avoid cutting back in other areas.

Typically, you should have an extra ten per cent of your construction budget set aside for emergencies that can be drawn out to stop any critical delays.

Do Not Break Ground Until You Are Happy With A Design

The first step is the planning and designing phase, once you are clear about your budget, these plans can take the form not only of traditional blueprints but also three-dimensional models allowing people to visualise how the finished building will appear.

Take full advantage of this planning phase and use them to comb through every possible detail of your design. Modern architectural plans include models you can walk around, which help you visualise what it is like to live there.

It also lets you tweak the plans and the budget until you are happy and can afford it, avoiding the risk of expensive changes later on.

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