What Will Be The Most Popular Kitchen Trends Next Year?

The new year is approaching, which is often time homeowners think about ways they can spruce up their house or flat and embark on redecorating plans. If the kitchen is on your list of things to renovate next year, here is our pick of the top three trends that will be huge in 2023. 

Sustainable materials

As well as thinking about what you want your kitchen to look like, more people will consider what they want it to be made from too. Sustainable materials will become huge in 2023, as homeowners try to do their bit in the fight against climate change and opt for more durable materials, including wood, stone, and steel. 

Jeppe Christensen, founder of Reform, told Good House Keeping: “The sourcing and recyclability of materials will also be taken into account to a greater extent.”

Hidden pantries

The desire to hide away all your bits and bobs in the kitchen is still going strong, which is why hidden pantries will remain popular next year. You can create a really smart, sleek kitchen having tall pantries that keep everything hidden behind its doors. 

According to Melissa Klink, creative director at Harvey Jones, speaking to Woman And Home: “That wow moment, when you open what looks like a cupboard door to expose a whole secret room behind just never gets old. A crowd-pleaser for sure!”

Butcher-block island

Large, open kitchen-diners are still going strong, particularly when teamed with a central island. Make yours stand out next year by opting for a butcher-block island that looks incredibly stylish, as well as durable. 

Opt for a colour such as walnut, as this warms the room and makes it feel more homely. 

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